Tuesday, December 8, 2009

[a in love with m] wedding: welcome dinner

My husband and I had the wonderful privilege of attending his best friend's wedding last weekend. We traveled up to Long Island, NY to witness one of the best wedding celebrations I have ever been a part of! Now, I've never been to an Indian wedding before, much less a Sikh wedding and was blown away at how it was filled with color, beauty, love and reverence! I will be referring to the groom and bride as A & M for the rest of my posts to protect their privacy.

Of course, A and M had hired a wonderful team of photographers/videographers for their event, but they gave me the okay to take as many pictures to my hearts content. And so I did, and managed to capture an epic amount of images throughout the weekend. Because there are so many, I'm going to break up these event into installments on my photoblog.

First up, is this welcome dinner. On Friday, after we arrived at the Hilton Hotel where the wedding was held, A's family held a welcome dinner for all the weary travelers. The dinner (and the rest of the weekend) was a yummy buffet. During dinner, the stage in the middle of the room started to fill with all the women from Amandeep's side of the family who sang, danced, and rejoiced for the coming union.

The groom with his beautiful bride and then with my husband.

The women in the room were called to gather and sing. The drum were brought out, and the women sang, and prayed, and danced.

I sort of fell in love with Amandeep's mother who is in the purple. She was so joyful, warm, and welcoming!

Aren't the colors just gorgeous?

A joins the party!

I adore this moment between all 3 generations!

The women continue to celebrate. And joined in by Amandeep's younger sister and brother... and then the whole family!

Just a few more colorful details before calling it a night!


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